Institute of Computer Architecture

Release time:2017-10-02

The Institute of Computer Architecture is also the Microprocessor Research and Development Center (MPRC) of Peking University. Combining with both computer science and microelectronics research of Peking University, the institute is committed to the research and design of microprocessors with an architecture based on an internally developed instruction set architecture and independent intellectual properties.

The institute faculty includes two professors, three associate professors, four other faculty members, and several international experts serving as guest professors. The institute has completed more than 30 research projects, with achievements including the first microprocessor hardware-software co-design platform in China, UniCore16 /32 microprocessor and supporting software system, heterogeneous multicore PKUnity SoC, PKUnity Network Computer, PKUnity Super-K netbook, PKUnity Nephoputer, etc.

The institute has pioneered development of microprocessor (CPU) and computer technology indigenous to China in the past decade. The low-cost computer systems designed by the institute has been lauded by the Chinese government as innovative contributions to the national information industry. Representative of the remarkable progress of Chinese computer technology, such low-cost computer systems have been widely used in all provinces throughout China.

Main research areas include:

(1) Modern microprocessor

(2) Multicore and SoC

(3) Hardware-Software co-design